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Included with every plan

  • 99,99%
  • 100Mbps - Unlimited traffic
IP addressing
  • 1 IPv4
  • Immediate, from the control panel
  • Unlimited, from the control panel
Server management
    "root" access
    KVM console
    Control panel
  • Usage graphs


Ephemeral snapshots

You can take as many snapshots of your server's full state as you need, providing you with a single point for recovery you'll have available for 24 hours without having to shutdown your server or otherwise affecting service continuity.

Integrated backups

The integrated backup management will help you make, restore and schedule your off and on-site backups of each application you instance.

Cloud firewall

Security in a virtual environment is very important, and to provide it, all our virtual machines can opt-in to a perimeter security service you'll be able to manage from our website's control panel.

Usage history

Having these metrics at your disposal will help you know in detail your applications' status, making sure your users will always be well served. Additionally, if you need it, you'll be able to access historical usage data to analyse the machine's evolution through time.

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